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Wealth planning and protection

Client risk prevention

As financial fraud becomes increasingly persistent, we work alongside our clients to help protect them from further losses and future scams.

Financial security affects everyone, and potential risks take many forms. Older and vulnerable Americans are often targeted for fraud and exploitation. Financial exploitation costs Americans almost $3 billion each year, according to SIMFA, the national securities trade organization.

Continuously enhancing our efforts to help protect and safeguard senior and vulnerable clients from fraud and exploitation

At Lee Miles Wealth Management, we’re in a unique position to spot suspicious activity and red flags associated with identity theft, fraud, scams and more. It’s alarming how many ways seniors and vulnerable adults may be victimized. Our team helps make sure you’re prepared and protected.

Storytime with Grandpa

Dementia-related financial risk management

Dementia may cause adults to make costly financial mistakes, and isolated seniors may be especially vulnerable to potential financial abuse. Have a plan, just in case, to prepare and protect your wealth and your loved ones. Our financial advisors can work with you and your family to develop wealth plans to help manage the financial conflicts of cognitive decline. Learn more about managing the financial risks of dementia.

Lee Miles Wealth Management financial advisors receive training and support to identify and act quickly to help block potential fraud or financial abuse threats. During your wealth planning process, your financial advisor may address the following to help protect your family:

  • Ask you to provide a trusted contact—if your financial advisor suspects you may be a victim of fraud and can’t reach you, they’ll contact this person

  • Address the topic of developing an estate plan

  • Explain the importance of identifying a power of attorney

  • Discuss your concerns about how incapacity and cognitive decline may affect your family

Financial fraud protection

Financial fraud ranges from stealing to improperly repurposing finances to money laundering and terrorist financing. Anyone can be targeted by financial scams, and aging seniors and vulnerable adults are frequently targeted. With proactive outreach, teamwork and education for your entire family, we're committed to protecting your finances.

Identity theft protection

Identity theft ranges from a single fraudulent transaction to creating and accessing new accounts in the victim’s name. As the volume of these threats increases, so does the potential risk to your financial security. That's why Lee Miles Wealth Management makes cybersecurity a top priority. We update and adapt our technology to combat identity theft and promote online security. Our financial advisors can also help you take actions to safeguard your information. Learn more about cybersecurity.

Let’s work together to help reduce your risk and give you peace of mind.

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