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Investments and research

Lee Miles Wealth Management can provide sound advice by leveraging the compelling analysis and insights from our teams of highly experienced investment professionals.

To help you and determine appropriate investment strategies, Lee Miles Wealth Management features multiple teams of analysts, strategists and professionals across asset classes who conduct extensive research to identify solutions that align with your financial goals.

Portfolio Management

Lee Miles Wealth Management has a range of investment strategies that are based on different underlying assets.

  • U.S. Fixed Income Strategies: Fixed Income Strategies provides fixed income solutions and strategies, including taxable and tax-exempt fixed income portfolio analysis, as well as advice on Fed policies and interest rates.

  • Managed Portfolio Strategies: Managed Portfolio Strategies acts as the primary advisory support for managed solutions (exchange-traded funds, mutual funds, managed accounts, multi-asset solutions and model portfolios), offering support related to portfolio reviews, investment strategy, product selection and portfolio construction.

  • Multi-Asset Portfolios: Multi-Asset Portfolios aggregates equity and fixed income solutions in order to provide an array of global, multi-asset strategies, and articulates short- and long-term viewpoints on asset classes. 

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