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Wealth planning and protection

Retirement income planning

Support the retirement lifestyle you envision with strategies for preserving wealth and using it to help produce regular, dependable income. 

The retirement realities facing Americans continue to change. Our lifespans are longer, and traditional sources of retirement income may not provide the security  they once did. How will you make sure you have enough to live well, for as long as you need it?

Retirement income planning leverages your wealth to help create predictable income that meets your needs for today and tomorrow. This type of plan addresses risks, tax considerations and more to support your future.

How much will you need for retirement?

It's different for everyone. We tailor the Lee Miles Wealth Management Retirement Income Illustration model to fit your financial objectives, portfolio size and personal preferences.

Calculating Budget

A retirement income plan that's right for you

Your financial advisor will work with you to develop a personalized retirement income plan to help you feel more confident and prepared for your financial future. Our planning process employs a dynamic approach to managing risks, choices and sustainability on an ongoing basis.

Analyze your retirement needs

  • Determine retirement goals and identify income sources

  • Do you have sufficient income and assets to fund retirement?

Building a foundation

  • Determine the gap between your assured income and essential living expenses

  • Create a "personal pension" designed to continue as long as you live

Establish a withdrawal strategy

  • Create a retirement income strategy to cover you lifestyle and discretionary expenses

Implement products and solutions

  • Design a portfolio to balance the income needed today and throughout your lifetime with the need to grow and preserve your investments

Review your progress

  • Understand why you are ahead or behind in your plan

  • Employ strategies to adjust your spending and rules to harvest from your portfolio as needed

With much of the responsibility for funding retirement shifting to your shoulders, generating predictable income for the rest of your life may be a top priority.

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