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Wealth planning and protection

Wealth protection solutions

Have confidence knowing that your wealth plan protects your portfolio, your family and your legacy. Manage the risks that concern you most.

When saving, planning or preparing for your future and retirement, you may have some concerns:

  • What concerns do you have about outliving your money?

  • What financial impact would you face if you become ill or disabled and require additional care?

  • How do you feel about your family's ability to manage financially after you're gone?

  • How would your family handle potential estate taxes?

Your financial goals and your concerns are unique. At Lee Miles Wealth Management, we can help you create a customized plan to address all of them.

Resolving concerns


We’ll take the time to help you address your concerns, needs and goals, and we’ll guide you through our wealth protection solutions. They include:

  • Providing for your loved ones

  • Building your wealth with tax-deferred growth

  • Protecting or insulating your assets

  • Having an additional income stream

Consider including protection solutions such as insurance and annuities in your wealth plan.

Insured solutions


Rely on our knowledge of protection solutions like insurance and annuities to help fortify your wealth management plan. We can develop life insurance strategies to prepare for your future care needs, offset estate settlement expenses and help build tax-deferred wealth for retirement.

We’ll help you understand and show you how life insurance, long-term care insurance and disability income insurance planning products can help make sure you, your family and your legacy are protected.

You can also explore how insurance and annuities help insulate your portfolio from market risk and offer you additional income. Your financial advisor will show you how they can fit into your plans.

When it comes to your wealth management, there is no one-size-fits-all solution. The same applies when developing strategies to help resolve your concerns.

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